walking on sunshine

Hi guys, I just got home from a nice walk with Thea and Carli! We had a lot to talk about, and it was just a great walk! I love both those girls so much! We walked up to Tillies, got a drink, and then we sat down and talked! It was great!:D
Well, i didnt just get home, cuz i actually have had dinner since i got home! Pasta with alfredosauce, it was really good!:D
Now I am just waiting for Jc to text me so we can go to the gym and play some basketball!:D
Have a nice day!

A day of nothing

Ok guys, so today I haven´t done anything! Or well, duh, i have done something, I went to church this morning, and then I went home, and i was gonna clean my room, but I was way bored so I skyped agnes instead, and talked to her for a couple of hours! Sooo good to talk to her again!:D Miss her a lot! she is one of my favoritparts of going to Östra Real in Stockholm!! 
Right now I am sitting doing nothing, I am supposed to clean my room, but if u know me, u know that cleaning and me are not to words that should be said in the same sentence:D Oh btw, I am doing something, I am listening to music, right now Never say Never by Justin and Jaden! Love that song, I used to kind of hate justin Bieber, haha I disliked him that much that I tored my sisters picture of him in two the day before I left Sweden:D But I really like this song, it is a great song! 
Later today I think I am going up to the gym to play som bball with Jc and probably Thea! looking forward to that, just hope that my room will magically clean it self!!!:( Cleaning just makes me sooo depressed!!:D:D:D 
Tomorrow is school again, and practice of course! Not really looking forward to school, or yeah, cuz then I get to see some of my friends that I haven´t seen for the whole weekend, like Bailey Hoe Screwed, that is really her name!:D haha or at least her new real name! Her name used to be Bailey Jo Free, but we changed Jo to Hoe and when I asked Jc about the opposite to Free she said screwed, and that is how Baileys new name was created!:D
Today is Lovisa´s birthday, her 20th birthday, she is getting oooold!:D haha She can now buy alcohol legally!!!:D no more fake ID:s for her:D:D 
Oh well, I gotta get some stuff done now, but I guess I can show some pictures!!!:D
Me Dantley and Thea at Dantleys jersey retirement!!!:D
Dantleys jersey! #30! The one and only from LCHS!
Thats right!
The prison in PIoche we went to see, I wasn´t allowed to bring my camera in...
Hahaha this is how we cooked the day we didnt have power for 8 hours:D hahahaha love it!:D

today is a day

Hello guys, thought i was gonna update u fast before the bed is calling on me! 
Today was a good and bad day... I woke up at like 9, took a shower and put nice clothes on, since we were going to Connors memorial at noon. I didn´t really know what to expect from the memorial... We picked up Thea and went there, me Thea, Gerri and Jordan. Connors dad, Robert, spoke first, and i started to cry like never before! His dad told us all this stories about him, like when he brought a alive bat to school! I remeber that day sooo well, he found a bat on his way to school, and brought it to school, and set it free in Mrs Lloyds room, and everyone freaked out, his dad told us that the school called him that day to complain about connor, just like they had done 1000 before that too, and his dad said he was speechless that day, cuz seriously, what kid gets the idea of bringing a living bat to school:D??!! haha connor was a one of a kind! And why I remeber this day so well, is cuz connor had to set the bat free outside, and when we got to practice the bat was hanging right outside the gym:D
A lot of people spoke, the speeches that really made me cry were his dads and Shainas, his sister... She told us all how he wasn´t only her brother, he was her best friend and hero, and it was sad, cuz some people may say that just cuz u lost ur brother, but in this case it was true, they did everything together, they shared friends... they were always together... After all the speeches we all got to write him one last message on one balloon each, that we let go up in to heaven! Oh man, that kid made me laugh so bad! Its horrible that he is gone after only 15 years! 
After the memorial I went home, and i was gonna clean my room, but i wasn´t in a mode for it, so i will do it tomorrow instead, hopefully! At like 4 we ate hamburgers, and after that Thea came over for a while, we didn´t do to much and at like 6 she went to eat dinner! At like 7 Kathy JC and Thea picked me up and we went to the gym to shoot some hoops, haha both me and jc were way out of basketballshape, but it is slowly coming back, and tomorrow we are back up there!:D
After the gym we went to tillies to get a drink, and then to Tristas house for chocolatecake, it was an awesome cake! When we were done there we went to Jc:s house and watched the movie Switch, it was a really cute movie with Jennifer Aniston! Really liked it! Jc drove me home at like 1130, and now I am home writing to u guys!
But I am serious, if people don´t start comenting more, I wont write! Cuz i refuse to write for no one!:D:D:D Even tho i know i have miss besserwisser reading it pretty much every day:D 
Tomorrow is church, and probably some studying... kill me:D hate it!!!!:D oh well, i will deal with it! And at night we will be back up in the gym playing some bball! oh how i love that sport!!!
My balloon letter to Connor!
People walking over to Connors seecond home, the skate parc, to release the balloons!
Balloon released!
They are almost al the way up to him!
Me and my bestest friend here Thea! I <3 u! we were both crying...:(
Three of Connors best friends, Carli, Shania and Codi!

ma nite

Going to bed in a minute!:D Haha, I have this updating obsession today:D
I was talking to Lovisa on facebook, but she was finally allowed to have breakfast, so she went and ate now!:D I was telling her all about Dantley, oh man, I love him! Search for Dantley Walker on you tube, and click here, and watch when he was on the Vegas news!!! Han är bara waaay too coool!!
He scored 56 points against Agassi in the Southern Nevada Semi final, where we lost 86-80:(

cool dress!!!

Check this dress out!!! isn´t it awesome??!!
from: http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/112787

I am back with some update on my life:D

Ok, I am back again! 
I went up to the gym to play some ball with Thea, Duane and Brynlee, I am so out of basketballshape, haven´t played in like 3 weeks... oh well, it was fun to play a little bit!:D 
Now I am gonna tell u about yesterday!!!:D First I had school, had a stupid Algebra 1 test, that was really hard for being algebra 1, i mean, i did good on it, and i will probably get an A, but I actually had to think about the problems:D When Algebra was over they called all the seniors to breakfast, and us exchangestudents count as seniors when they get to do something fun, so we went to get breakfast too, then we went to pioche, for a think called "now you are 18", it was about how the punishments for a crime change the day u turn 18, the second u turn 18! And it was interesting! Then a criminal from the pioche prison came up and told us his story, it was cool, cuz he was dressed in prisoner clothes, and had chain on hands and feet! He told us that 14 of his 38 years, he has been in prison! Kinda scary!!! He was cool tho, u just wanted to help him, cuz he was a drug addicted, and he told us that when he gets out of prison he hopes he can make it without drugs, and he prays for that everyday, but he doesn´t know if he will be able to be without speed... He kept saying "oh man, I love speed...", sad story!
When he was done talking we all got to go down to the prison! It was scary, haha the seregant that was like the prisonboss was scary too, she was a tough girl, that´s something I am sure about! Well, we went passed one gate, and that one closed, then the next one opened and so on... We got to walk in to the drunk/drug peoples cell, were they are placed when they first come to prison, and the seregant got mad at me, cuz she told us that some of them try to take a bath in the toilette, and i kinda pictured that in front of me, so I started to laugh, and she was all: "It is not funny at all"... hahahaha well, i thought it was! 
Then we got to go and look into the cells where the prisoners were!!!! Soo cool, I mean u could see thier cells, and like what they did in there and things, it was awesome! I would kinda feel like a monkey if I were them tho, cuz we were like all starring at them... and the seregant said they could hear us and things... One good thing was that I got to see hot black guys without their shirts on in their cells!! That was great!!!:)
When it was time for lunch we all got pizza at the sheriffs´place... 
We got back to school just in time for lunch break, so I missed 3 classes that day, so nice:D I missed spanish, which is sooo easy, and showchoir, and Algebra 2, where we had a test, I asked Mr Frehner if he wanted me to come in and take the test, and he was all, "u already passed it", well, sometimes I like being good at math:D A lot of people can´t understand how I can be so good at math, when I am so dumb in like real life:D Like i never understand jokes and things:). After lunch i had a boring historyclass, and then P.E., which was all good:D
Oh did I tell u I got a 4.057?? In my grade averege? And the highest u can get is really a 4.0?:D Well, I got a B+ in english, but with my 110% out of 100% in both algebra 1 and 2, it took my grade averege up higher, I am so proud of myself:D That was one of the things I wrote on my new years promise list!
After school we had practice, it was freezing, but it was ok, didn´t kill me:D
After practice we had the dinner to retire Dantleys basketball jersey, #30! That was awesome, people had speeches for him, and I can tell u, I am sooooo thankful I am here this year, cuz seeing him play has been one of the best things in my life, he is the best basketball player ever, and he is gonna go far! And i have his autograph and a couple of pictures with him:D haha 
After the dinner I went to Theas house and watched a movie with the and Tyler, we watched public enemies, but i fell asleep after like 10 min! I stayed the night at her house, and today, when we woke up we watched tv, then we drove up to the store and got groceries so we could make breakfast burritos, so we made those, and they were awesome! Then me Thea and Brynlee watched "letters to Juliette", a greeaaat movie, loved it!!!! loved how it ended!:D 
After that I went home and showered, and then i talked to Sandra and Mooommy:D haha 13 days and I will see them!!!! Woohoooo:D so excited!!!:D 
At like 4 or something my family came home from groceryshopping:D So we unpacked the grocerys and then I went to the gym to play bball, and then up to tillies and got ice tea!:D Now I am watching Eagle eye, a great but kinda complicated movie...
Tomorrow is Connors memorial in Caliente, so I think I am heading down there for that! Even tho I didnt know him good, i want to honor his family! Before that I think me and Thea are gonna go for a walk or something:D And after that we are going for dinner at grandmas, and then to a dance show in panaca!:D Awesome!
hope u all have a great weekend! And dont forget to leave me a comment, so I know that i dont write for no one!!! Love u all<3
Me and Bai Hoe Screwed at Forever 21:D
My favoritest 6 years old girl in the world!!!<3<3<3 Loni<3<3<3


Hi, I am going to write in english from now on, i think at least... It just takes to much of my brain to change to swedish..:D 
First of all, a bit of statistics or whatever u wanna call it:
13 days until my family is landing in Las Vegas Nevada!!!:D
70 days until I have to leave the US:(
184 days until I am 18 years old!!:D
And now I cant write anything more, cuz I am going to hang out with Thea!:D:D:D:D


Hi guys, got home from softball practice like an hour and a half or something ago... Today was both bad and good... Yesterday I wasn´t too happy since we had a game and i didnt get to play... and today I was still kinda I don´t know, not to happy I guess, but I was all good:D 
Haha I am gonna do a typical blog post, haha my day from morning to night:D
So I woke up at like 6 or more like 630:D I straighted my hair, and did my make up:D Then by like 7 I went to the busstop and at like 710 we went on the bus to Panaca and school:D I love riding the bus, haha its so american to ride the big yellow schoolbus:D On the bus I had my usual daily talk with Sam:D We like always talked about everything, I am gonna miss that chick soooo much next year!!!! 
When we got to school me and Thea went to the cafeteria and I got a sunny D, thats orangejuice:D haha Love it!:D Then I had english, we read poems and the other class essay:D I read Sheys essay, and the essay was suppossed to be about a stupid invention, and she wrote about the president... haha she was all, I dont think we should have a president, and haha she wrote she was as great as the president and that she could be the president...:D She is a freaaaaak!!!!!! 
After english I had my favorite class of the day, haha Algebra 1!!!:D Love it!!!:D Cuz I have my favorite girls in that class:D JC, Bailey, Hailee, Madi, Car, and Chelsea:D After algebra I now have spanish:D Love it:D We have spanish on the computers, with Rosetta Stone:D hahaahaha Its hilariously easy!!! But its weird, cuz its latino spanish!!! So some words are different, like car, in spanish in swedish spanishclass they taught us coche for car, here they teach it as carro... oh well:D
I dont really have a lot of interesting classes after that, well Algebra 2 fifth:D haha, Love that class, its a little bit to easy tho, I mean, its harder than algebra 1, but still, its way easy:D
After school I had softballpractice, it was ok, I mean, I don´t like not being good at stuff and I get all frustrated.. but well, I am gonna stay strong haha and do it the rest of the year! Cuz I love my teaaam!!!:D:D:D:D:D Hatty took me, thea, Jc, and brookie home, oh how i love them, i dont know what i would do without them, and i can´t imagine leaving them next year...:( 
I had pancakes for dinner, love it!:D And then me and Loni drank tea:D 
Now I guess I have to study a little... 
Haha, btw, I wrote like half of it in english, then i remember that it was on my blog, so i should write in swedish, but i didnt wanna cancel it all, so i think i am just gonna blog in english from now:D And if u dont understand english, comment, and i will go back to swedish:D Ok, love u all! Leave a comment so I know I aint writing for no one!
Thea, JC, and Bailey, at the mall:D

A small update...

Ok, so I am really not in a mood of swtiching to swedish, so i am just gonna write in english! I know, i am lazy but who cares:D 
So since I havent updated in like hundred years I can begin with telling u all that I started softball, and that dont really like it... Haha with basketball it was different, cuz i actually knew how to play it and all, but softball, I am sooo loost, and well, i kinda start to catch up on the rules and everything but still, it is sooo hard! And it doesnt make it any better that the coach doesnt let me play... Well, I dont really wanna play, but there are some people that suck more than me that get to play when i dont... Oh well, I had the best weekend this weekend playing a softball tournament in Vegas:D Haha not really playing, but at the mall and the hotell with Bai, JC and Thea, and all the rest of the team! It was greatest!!!:D:D:D 
And guesss what?!?!?! I finally got my snowday!!:D:D:D:D haha, I thought I never was gonna get a snowday, but yesterday when i woke up it was snowing and the power was of, so we didnt have to go to school! Sooo nice:D 
Haha and i thought summer was here... one week i can lay outside suntaning and the other week i get a snowday... pleease make a little bit of sense!!!
Today we had a game:D We won, but i didnt get to play any... the things is, just as I said, i dont really wanna play, but when people that suck more than me get to play and i dont i get pissed!!! Oh well, it all passed when i rode with hatty and Brookie home, ahh hattys truck has a lot of memory!:D They dropped me of at home, i showered, and then i went to JC:s house and we did some algbebra we had to get done! Then JC drove me home and now I am almost falling a sleep!!! so i think i might have to say good night now, and i promise it wont take this long time until i next update!:D Just i havent had time at all....
Me Thea and Bai Hoe Screwed at Spencers in the mall:D hahaha
Baileys new name has a very interesting story, ok, so her real name is Bailey Jo Free, and just to tease her i told her i was gonna change Jo to Hoe:D And then i asked JC what the opposite of free was, and she answered screwed, so Baileys new name is Bailey Hoe Screwed! Perfect huh?:D 
Good night love u all!

Sorry guys

Hemskt ledsen för så dålig uppdatering! Hinner inte just nu heller... har så mkt för mig hela tiden... ska dock ta mig en timme denna vecka och ladda upp lite nytt! Stå ut!:D 16 dagar till mamma, pappa, Sandra och Francesca kommmeeer!!!!:) 
73 dagar kvar till Sverige.... do not want to think about that..:S
Good night

I aint gonna live forever, but hopefully for another while haha

Hej allesammans, jag vet att det varit mkt om Connor, idag dekorerade en massa människor hans hus här i panaca, jag tror familjen kommer hem om ett par dagar... Jag pratade med hans lillasyster idag på facebook, jag tror inte hon har fattat vad som har hänt, för jag ba, jag är så ledsen för din förlust, och hon ba, jag kommer se honom igen snart, och ja ba, jag hoppas att det dröjer ett tag till du ser honom igen, och hon ba, nej, han kommer hem med oss... så jag vet inte riktigt hur jag ska tolka det... stackarn!!!
Nu lite om vad som har hänt i mitt liv:D Har ju börjat spela softball, vilket jag inte är så bra på... asså jag har bara varit på 4 träningar hittills, och det har redan börjat bli bättre, så om ett par veckor hoppas jag att jag faktiskt kan spela och sådant!!!:D:D:D Haha på fredag åker vi till Alamo för en turnering, hoppas att jag inte behöver spela, men jag tror att de kommer låta mig spela, vilket hahahahaha kommer bli lite kul, NOT!:D 
Träningarna för softball är så oerhört långa, 2,5 timmar!!! men men...
I lördags var jag i Laughlin, en stad 2 timmar från Vegas, på gränsen till Arizona, med showchoir, de hade tävling där, men eftersom jag bara är deras manager, så behövde jag inte göra ngt, så jag låg utomhus och solade hela dagen, det var great!! Jag har äntligen fått en nice bränna, har inga bilder från de senaste dagarna, annars hade jag visat!!:D Just, förra onsdagen var jag i Brian Head och åkte skidor också, åkte skidor i Utah, som säger sig ha The Best snow on earth:D Det är vad deras registreringsskyltar säger i varje fall:D Riktigt kul att flyga ner för backarna!!!:D Nevada bor är inte så talangfulla när det kommer till skidor, det är ngt som de bevisade:D hahhahahah
Nu ska jag fixa lite grejer snabbt, men vi hörs snart igen! 
Love Bella
Hahah, personer tar av sig bhar i Brian head och slänger upp dem i trädet, se, det finns en hel del redan!
Jag och Bart;D
Jag redo att svischa ner:D haha, den enda med hjälm på av alla där!:D
Jag och Jaycee!
Brookie och Hatty, de tutade när jag gick framför bussen och jag trodde jag skulle få en heartattack!
Showchoir:D haha

LCHS, thats ma school

Detta säger skylten vid ingången till vår skola!! 
Sorry om jag bara uppdaterar om detta hela tiden, imorgon ska jag försöka skriva om annat och lägga upp bilder från lite andra saker! LOVE
Connor, rest in peace! So many people loved u on earth!<3

Rest In Peace

Connor Jesse Robert Collins, Rest In Peace!
Det regnar i Lincoln County idag, det är mitt i öknen, det är ett tecken på alla tårar han skapat genom att lämna jorden... 
Han dog en timme sedan ungefär, han klarade sig igenom hela natten utan respirator, sedan dog han... 
Idag kommer nog vara en rätt sorglig dag i skolan... 
Ha en bra dag, och använd säkerhetsbälte!!!

Läs gårdagens inlägg först, sedan detta!

Connor, pojken som satt i baksätet av bilen som kraschade är i koma, vaknar han inte, eller börjar andas av sig själv inom 24 timmar kommer de stänga av det som håller honom vid liv... Chanserna att han ska vakna är små... Jag kände honom inte så väl, jag menar, vi sa hej till varandra, och pratade lite då och då, jag och Shaina, hans syster, hade ett par klasser tillsammans, och var rätt bra vänner... Men det finns människor här i Lincoln County som jag bryr mig oerhört mycket om, som jag älskar oerhört mycket, och ett antal av dem älskar Connor! 
Snälla, ha honom i era tankar! Om ni tror på något, be till vad ni tror på! Be era vänner ha honom i sina tankar! Han är 15 år, han har hela livet framför sig, han är otroligt rolig, alla älskar honom!!!! Jag har precis pratat med Carli, min värdsyster, hon är en av världens bästa människor, jag älskar henne oerhört mycket, och hon och Connor är bra kompisar... Så SNÄLLA!
Och till er alla, ta på er säkerhetsbältet så fort ni hoppar in i bilen, varje gång! Hade han haft det på sig hade han inte haft några större skador... MAN VET ALDRIG NÄR DET HÄNDER, SÅ TA PÅ ER SÄKERHETSBÄLTET VARJE GÅNG!!!!!<3
Dagens artikel i tidningen om det hittar ni här!

Snälla, läs!

Jag har egentligen inte tid för att skriva, men jag måste! Alla som läser detta, vad ni än tror på, Gud, Vetenskap, Buddha, no matter!
Två vänner som bodde här en månad sedan, men flyttade till Norra Nevada till sin mormor, var i en bilkrasch idag, de körde i full fart in i en buss. Shaina, en 16 årig tjej, bröt nacken och ett ben, och har 5 stygn i ansiktet, men hon är okej, hon körde bilen... Hennes nacke är ok också, hon är inte skadad för livet. Hennes vän som satt i passagerarsättet är okej också, hon har brutit ett ben eller så, men är den som är minst skadad. Den jag vill att ni alla har i era minnen är Connor, Shainas lillebror, han är en freshman, och full av liv, helt galen, sjukt rolig! Han satt i baksätet utan bälte, och har opererats hela dagen och är nu i koma, de vet inte om han kommer klara sig, och om han kommer vakna upp ur koman, de sa när han kom in till sjukhuset att hans livschanser inte var stora överhuvudtaget... Snälla, vad du än tror på, eller om du inte tror på något, bara ha honom i dina tankar och hans familj, det var hans lillasysters 11te födelsedag idag också... inte den bästa födelsedagspresenten...
Min värdsyster var Shainas bästa kompis, och en av Connors närmaste vänner, så för henne också hoppas jag med allt jag har att han blir bra!!!! 
Jag länkar till tidningsartiklar om olyckan här! Om ni vill veta mer om det, skriv en kommentar, men snälla, ha honom i era tankar!! Han är för ung för att dö och han förtjänar verkligen inte hjärnskador! 
Shaina och Bart!
Connor, under homecoming på switchday:D:D:D haha,

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