Wait, where am I?

One of those nights again! 
I can´t explain it. I am so happy with life here in Sweden right now, but it still doesnt make forget about my other life, that i love so so much i could die! There are people over there that i never imagined would be my friends, people that are so different from everyone here in sweden! And i miss them, so much i cry. Especially i miss the people from this summer, I mean, Madi just posted a picture on instagram of us in her pool this summer. We were having a party one night with a lot of favorite people and me Mad and Car got this idea in the middle of the night that we should take a swim in the pool, so we did, with our clothes on...That was one of my favoritenights!! And when we went camping, that was great too!!! I miss Car, Lexi and Madi so much, and I miss Loni and Jordan lots!!! There is something everyday that reminds me of them and just makes me wanna see them, talk to them!!!
And I miss my friends, Bailey, Kourt that looked like the most beautiful princess on seniorball last week btw, and Hatty and Brookie, and Chels, Ellie, Hailee, Chanel, Mel, Tia, Coley, Laceeloo, Marisa, Kaylee, Sam all of them, and of course the best friend, the one that broke my heart saying bye to twice, the one that never let you have a bad time, cuz she always manages to cheer you up. Jaycee Jo Wadsworth. She was with me from my first day in Nevada, from the airport til the airport and my last day there..:( But I am happy, nothing changed! I was back this last summer and it felt like we never had been apart! My wish is to one day play bball with Jayc again, our night in the pioche gym were the best, the trips with the team all the sleepovers at her house, i just cant imagine what it all would have been without her, without the craziest, funniest, funnest person i ever met! 
I also miss Gerri a lot, she taught me niceness, not that i was mean or bad before, but she taught me how a person shouldnt judge before being nice, that I am not the one that will appreciate me doing something nice, the other one i am doing it for is, and i should do it wheter it gives me pleasent or not, for the the other ones sake! And she was the nicest, most welcoming person i´ve met, the greatest of them all, if i could ever pick a second mom after my own, that i love the most in the world and that i would never ever trade and that would do anything for me, then i would pick Gerri, cuz she for sure was the best! 
Its a nice feeling tho, thinking that I always will have a part of Pioche and Lincoln County in my heart, and knowing that i always have three more sisters and a whole bunch of wonderful friends over there. And knowing that I will forever be a LadyLynx, I played one season basketball and one season softball, and i call that my team, I am a ladylynx and i will forever be! Cuz its not whats on your shirt right now, its what got a mark on your heart! That season in both basketball and softball was something special, it wasn´t all easy, i had to fight in both sports to make it, but i always did, and i had the best times, the trips to vegas needles and laughlin were the best memories ever! When we poured ice on Bai and locked Thea out of the room. When Jayc wouldnt act normal and we just loved her anyways;) And when i got to start in halftime at statebasketball, and when Coach C told me I had done a great game after the win against Calvary that took us to state! Or when i scored 16 points in 5 minutes against Neddles with JV. Or going to softball, when i got our scoring hit against the firstplace team victorville, or the worst time, when pat yelled at me and i had no clue of what to do so i started crying and i just thought i hated softball for that day, but only for that hour, cuz i loved softball. Like when Mike asked how many softball players it took to climb a fence and me and Jayc started thinking, and then he told us to turn around, and pretty much our whole team was climbing the fence to collect a ball, and they had almost build a pyramide;) Or when Brookie got to be a basecoach at Needles and she started dancing instead;) I loved them all, and i loved Hailee, she was my bestest cheater in algebra, she copied my paper everytime and i just loved that girl, the best in the world! And i miss Chanel, she scared me at first, and then she became my coolest friend, the one that helped me in softball, even tho she was the star! I sure do miss her!!! And i miss coach phillips, a great man! A true inspiration, there is probably no one like him. He always listened and gave me great advices during basketball season, he helped me and told me what to do, showed me that he ment what he said and was just the kind of person i would trust my life with if i had to. And Mr Frehner ofcourse, we just shared the same interests, math and basketball:D In basketball i am glad he asked me to play with JV for a while, i got to play with jayc, and i got to play without the pressure and mr C yelling at me all the time! And at the end i loved mr C too, he was a great coach and pushed me to do my best, and taught me that hard work pays of! When he had med starting the state game i was probably the happiest person in the whole universe!
As usual i just write, i dont know if this makes any sense, but since i probbably am the only one reading this stuff, i dont care, cuz i write it for me, so i can remember and feel whatever i wanna feel. Cuz I know for sure, Nevada will forever have a special place in my heart, a very special place, and strings will always take me back there! I love you all over there and i miss u so much! 
Good night for today!
Posting the pic Madi put on insta of us in the pool! 
Pic 1: Madi, me and Carli in the pool
Pic 2: My beautiful team
Pic 3: Me and Hailee<3
Pic 4: My heart at state
Pic 5: Forever a Lady Lynx!
Pic 6: Me and the best fraan, Jayc<3

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