Hey guys,
After a night with only 4 hours of sleep I am not in the happiest mood.. thats for sure... I just couldn´t go to sleep last night. Today there is school as usual, and then my plan is to come home and sleep.
Oh to make the time go last night I got pro at a game called space is key, fun game, or not but it is addicting! Try it.
Of to school now... hope everyones life is great! 16 days left in America... HORRIBLE!!! I don´t wanna leave for anything in the world...:(
Love you

Top of Vegas!

Hahahahaha finally I took time to upload the video from the top of the Stratosphere! Me and Thea are the one yelling way loud, cuz it was waaaay scary!!!!!! Haha and aweesome!!!

Guten Nacht!

Ahhh, haha I am now a Member of Lincoln County Honor Society! Oh yeah! Me and my brain:D haaha cuz it was really way hard to get there... or not:)
...For outstanding accomplishments and excellence in academic achivement... Yepp, thats why I got a medal as a proof of my membership! I will take pictures of my medal tomorrow, gotta sleep now:) But oh btw, I died laughing at the Honor Society banquette, cuz when JC was going to sit down, brookie pulled her chair back, so she fell on the ground, and everyone was laughing so hard at her!!:D Great times for sure!:D
Ahh today have been both a great day, and a horrible day! All the great times with my friends just gives me more to think back to when I am gone, but the fact that I am gonna be gone just is not working at all... I wanna cry, I can´t leave my homies and sisters... Hatty, Kourtie, Brookie, Jaycee, Baihoe you guys will forever be my sisters! We have a sisterhood noone, not even a distance can ever ruin!
And my 3 other sisters, that are my real sisters pretty much, Carli, Jordan and Loni, you mean more than chocolate to me:D haha and chocolate is a resource I need to survive! I love u long time!
Now I gotta sleep!


Ahh, horrible day, or not like horrible, just sad! We didn´t really have school today, we got our yearbooks...:) It was cool, except some waaay ugly pictures of me haha, or at least one of them was way ugly!!!
We got them, and then we had yearbook signing the whole rest of the day...
That was the sad part... Some of the things I wrote to my sisters in school and what they all wrote to me was just horrible, cuz I have to leave them so soon... All the things we still plan to do, and now there will only be 2 more weekends we can be together, not only that cuz they are all gonna be gone next weekend:( It wont be fun at all to leave them, a lot of tears!
Next week is last week of school... and then graduation... Cap and gown on and we are graduating! Gonna be fun, but at the same time, thats gonna be when I say good Bye to some people...
Tonight there is an Honor thing, for all good students:) haha we will probably get an award or something for having good grades, will be fun:) Ok, gotta get ready!
Love u!

Good Morning!

Heeeeeey, of to school soon! I am actually excited:D We are getting our yearbooks today, and thats great! I have never had a yearbook before:) I am guranteed softballpage and basketballpage and my normal picture haha:) Ahh and then we get the whole time after lunch to sign them! Its gonna be epic.
Now I gotta get ready for school, I am actually not wearing sweats today:) So thats good mahaha, we are having poetryreading in english first period and I gotta read my poem, its a found poem, so you use parts from songs and things. I will post in on here later, probably tonight! Have a great day people!

A little update finally!

So many things have happened and I just never have time to update...
Well, now I have half an hour or so before bed! Time is running out, my stay in America is almost over... But I can for sure say that the last weeks haven´t been bad at all, it has just been great! I enjoy every second!
Last I updated for real was when me and Thea were in Vegas for the weekend! The weekend after that we had softballgames and it was seniornight! And after that Softball was over for us!:) Haha didn´t love the sport, but I did love my team! Last week was Ronei and Barts birthdays, and a couple of other fun things! And this weekend I stayed home with my bestest hostfamily! Friday me and Jordan just went on rides with the 4wheeler and watched movies and suntanned! Saturday we didn´t do a lot and that afternoon I went to hang out with Sam who had this idea that she wanted to take pictures of me...:D haha
And Sunday we went down to Caliente and ate lunch with Carli and Madi, and then I went and helped JayceeHoe with math and then I went home and then we went to the gym and played some basketball!:D Love gymnights with Jaycee and Thea!!!! Gonna miss that so much!!!!
Today we had school and it was alrite:D haha i love my friends! First english and Alecs stupid poem about hpw his hand is a dolphin and Lacees basketball poem:D And then my favoriteclass, Algebra 1, with Bai, Hai, Jayc, Carli, Madi and Chelsea! Love them all so much! We have such great times in that class!!!!:D Then we had breakfast, it was as usual, then spanish, haha just played games on the computer, then showchoir where we are watching Hairspray! And then Algebra 2, where me and Hanni mess around, haha Mr Frehner said today that he cant let us out of class cuz we always come back chased by ten boys hahaha todays conversations in there where R rated haha, it was me Ryan Garret and Hanna discussing balls... hahaha fuuuun story!!!! mahaahaha
After that we had lucnh, and it was as usual! I ate powdered donuts, love em! then history and as usual MsCheeney was rude to me! And then PE in the library!!!:D:D:D:D Way chill:D After school I rode the bus home and then me Thea Jaycee and Jordan went up to the gym and played some basketball and then we went to Brynlees softball game! And now I am home, almost ready for bed!
Good night everyone!
One of the rides me and thea rode at the top of the stratosphere...! Haha i explained it in an earlier post!
me and Brock, my date on that prom me and Thea went to at Los Prados Country club in Vegas!
Yeah Coley... sucks for u!
Me and Baihoe on the bus to a softball game!
My lovely littlesister playing Tball!
We played Pocahontas in P.E mahaha
Roneis birthdaaay!!!!:D:D:D Haha he got caked!
Sam took some pictures of me:D haha


Me and sisters in San Diego!
My two favoritest persons in the world!!!<3<3<3mooomyyyy and daddy<3 In San Diego!
Me Sister Daddy and sister at Laguna!!!:D
Paradise for sure!! Newport!!!
Waaay coool!!!!:) L.A babe!
Hoolllllywoood!!!! Sister, Daddy, Me and sister
Beverly Hills!!!!<3
Hollywood Bouleward!
Me and the love of my life!!!!! He kissed me!!!! Yeah, he really did!
Sata Monica! Haha sister, daddy Sister and me!!!
Venice Beach! Me and Sister played some bball by the beach! Sooo coool!!!
DisneyLand!!!!!! haha
On our way on Highway1!!! SO BEAAAUTIFULLLLL!!!<3
This California trip was probably the best of my life! I loved it so much and to see everything gosh it was great!!!
From Las Vegas, to Carlsbad to San Diego, to LA(hollywood, beverly hills you name it), to Santa Monica, Malibu, Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, Morro Bay, the whole highway 1 up to San Francisco, back into Nevada, a night in Reno, and then the lonliest road in the world, Reno-Ely, and then to home, Pioche! Had 4 great days with my family in Pioche, got to show them everything and we went to my second state haha Utah, and I showed them my favorite Walmart haha Cedar Saint George! Haha Lincoln County, they got to swim in a hot spring in Panaca, they got to eat at the Brandin Iron, a restaurant in Caliente! They got to ride 4wheelers, it was just great!!!! And best of all, my two families got to know each other!!!:D My real one and my pretty much real one:D haha Love them both waaaay much!!!!!!!! Great times that I will never ever forget!<3

San Francisco!

Haha, I know, it has been a while since I promised pictures from California:) But most of my readers have me on facebook and could see them there:) But here we go, pictures!
Alcatraz! The famous prison where people like Al Capone where prisoned!
Me and my bestest mom that I love long time!!! On the beach in the middle of San Francisco!
Me, Francesca Daddy and Sandra! Love u long time!
Oh yeah, they actually really have trams going up hill!!!:D So coool!!!
Hmm... Lets just say its scary how steap the hills are in S.F!:D waay cool!
Haha, u gotta park at 90 degrees, cuz ur breaks wont make it otherwise...
Waaay cool road, like with curves and things, and waay steap! Its in a lot of movies!
Coolest bridge ever, the Golden Gate bridge!
Same road as earlier:D
Me and my love, SpongeBob!
The Seals laying at Pier 39!
Pier 39 in San Francisco! haha a toursit place, but it was waay cool! It had a sockmarket, a store with just socks, and a lefthand store!!!:D haha so many cool places!
Francesca, Sandra me and mommy standing on the back of the car with Golden Gate in the background!:D
Ahhh how i loved San Francisco! It was a totally different America, like more modern! We had so much fun there! One day was moms birthday, so we had brownies in the morning haha and me and Sandra tried to light candles at the hotel, but then we didn´t cuz we were scared the firealarm would go off:D haha and then that night we went out for dinner at a restaurant down by Fishermans wharf!:D Ahh loved it all!
After San Francisco our California trip was pretty much over, it was the best ever! I loved it!!! Not everyone gets to ride San Diego-San Francisco on Highway 1 in there lifes, getting to see all the stuff we saw!! It was great and sooo much fun!!!!!!!!

Greates Weekend!!! From Lincoln, To Neddles California, to Vegas!

Heeey guys, looong great weekend, what can I say, I had the greatest time!

Thursday after school we left with the bus to go to Needles California, for softballgames! There is about 5 hours to get there, so we had to leave the day before. We stoped the first time in Vegas, at the Galleria Mall, we just ate at wrap it up and I bought a shirt at Hot Topic, and then we kept on going to Needles! We arrived to Needles at like eleven, to the most grooose hotel. Me, Thea and Fnatty shared room! When we woke up we went to McDonalds for breakfast and then of to the varsity games in the 30 C° heat! Sunscreen on, and my day was all about suntanning!

Varisty lost the first game, and won the second game! We played at 2, and we won easily the first, and kinda easily the second, me and Thea both got to play a lot, and we both scored like four points each!:D We all got to meet Theas dad and stepmom, they are aweesome, so nice and easy to be around!!!

After the game me, Thea, Bryn, Kobe, Kailey, Kathy and Diane went to Vegas, we stayed at someones house there, and when we woke up on Saturday we went first to Starbucks to get coffee, and then to the mall again! Me and Thea were gonna be dropped of at the Startosphere so we could stay with her dad and stepmom until sunday, so we just did some necessary shopping, and then Kathy dropped us of at the strip!

We had lunch with Theas dad and stepmom, Jo and Lil Tove are their name, I loved them, they were just great, so nice and they talked and were awesome!:D

After that me and Thea went up to our room to get ready for a prom we were going to that night! It was a prom Mr Frehner set us up to go to! It was a school called Indian Spring in Vegas! Me and Thea got our dresses on and everything, and got down to the cab that was gonna take us to the house where we were gonna take pictures before the prom. After that we went to the prom, it was alrite, my date was an idiot tho:D haha so shyyyyy!!! His name was Brock... After the prom we went to a movie, FastFive, and then ”dinner”... After that they took us back to the Stratosphere were we stayed, and me and Thea went for a walk to the top, 109 stories up. The elevator took us 109 stories in 30 seconds, 21 miles/hours, my ears popped!!!:D

We walked around there, and around 2:30 we went and got some chips and went to our room and watched tv!

This morning we didn´t know what time Kathy was gonna pick us up to go back to Pioche, so we woke up at like 8 and went down to Starbucks for breakfast, haha after only like 4 hours of sleep we really needed coffee!

We sat at starbucks for a while, and then we went up to the 109 story again... This time not only for looking at the view... No, we went on a thing that spinned us around over Vegas, a craaazy thing!!! 109 stories up, spinning around in the air! I felt like I was flying! After that we went on a rollercoasterish thing that went straight out in the air, and I thought I was on my way to die everytime! It was waaay scary!! I have to show all of u a video of it!

After that we went home to Pioche and played basketball with JC, after a very very very good weekend!! That I enjoyed waaay muuuch!!!!!:D

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