Sorry, kind of have to write in english...

Hiii! Sittiiing up at the library in Pioche and doing nothing:D I know, I have a weird love for libraries, but they r so peacefully and quiet:D I have to write in english, or I really dont have to, but i want to since i dont have the swedish letters...
Today sucked, really bad! I was gonna play my first homegame, against White Pine, a school in the mountains, like in the middle of nowhere, but guess what?!?! The first thing they tell me at school today is that the game got cancelled cuz White Pine cant come down here, cuz the road is closed...:( It made me soo saaad! But then Frehner told me we have a tournament during christmasbreak! So thats gonna be fun, its a 3 days tournament:D
But the cancelled game wasnt the only thing ruin my day, I had an algebratest, and I didnt fail it, I will probably get an A on it, but I didnt do as good as i wanted to... It didnt feel good...
After Lunch today we could do different things, cuz it was the last day before the break, and the things u could do was watch movies, intermerals, and rock band(kind of like guitar hero). But me Sam Jake Holly and Marisa decided to make our own activity:D And that activity was chillin in Frehners classroom, it was empty, so we went in there and turned music on and loud on his computer and played games and did nothing for a couples of hours, really nice!
Now Christmas break has started, but still no sleeping in, cuz tomorrow I have practice tomorrow at 8 am and on thursday at 7 or 8 huh?
But Christmas is coming up! Awsome!!!!!:D But we still havent got any snow here....:(
Tonight me and a couple of other people are gonna go up to the gym in Pioche and shoot some hops, and then I am gonna sleep, and maybe try to find a book to read here at the library:D
Have a great day!:D LOVE YA! And I hope u understand me:D haha

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So Bella! Lol I want you to write in English more often . . So that when Sam is done with her physics she can read. . . . And that was very fun . . I loved our version of intramurals :) I completely beat you at that labyrinth game :)

2011-01-12 @ 03:59:01

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