Vegas, San Diego, Laguna Beach, Newport, Los Angeles... Life is good

Hello everyone, sorry for a really bad update, but first I didnt have any time, and when I did have time, I vacuumed, and riped my laptop charger... so I couldnt use my laptop... suck I know!
But now I am back on track, after buying a charger at apple store in Fashion Valley San Diego!:D Yeah Babe, thaats were I am, or really now I am at a hotel in Los Angeles:D
Friday last week, we, me and my american family went to Vegas and met my Swedish family:D The first day I spent with my swedish family only, and we went shopping and ended the night at my heaven, Walmart:D The day after we went with my american family to Town Square mall in Vegas and had lunch, it was great, and a little shopping was done:D After saying good bye to my american family that had to go back to Pioche for work and school, me and my family shopped a bit more, and then we went to the strip:D We walked the strip that night for like 3 hours, it was great, and I got to see the show at Treasure Island live:D haha only seen it in Miss Congeniality before:D But now, it was a real life experience:D hahahaaha the day after we left Vegas at like noon, after taking some pictures at the Strip during the day:D Ahhh I love seeing it all, haha it is like living in the movie:D Walking into Ceasars palace, Bellagio, The Venetian, Treasure Island, Circus Circus, u name it:D It is waaaay cool:D
Well, we left Vegas for another movie:D California babe!:D
Haha, Vegas to San Diego, where we decided our first stop was going to be was suppossed to take like 4-5 hours, but since we after only like 1 hour stoped at another shoppingmall it took just a little bit longer:D. At like 7 or something that night we arrived to the hotel, we went out to get something to eat, and then we went to bed!
The day after we went to explore San Diego:D Well, first in the morning we went out running, we ran down to the beach, stayed there for a while and ran back, right down into the hotel pool, it was very very nice:D 
San Diego was way cool, we walked along the water, and then we went to old town! Haha, and of course, we ended up at the mall:D San Diego Fashion Valley, it was a great mall, way nice! We only spent like an hour there, but it was still great:D
Now we are on yesterday:D haha, We left the hotel pretty early and started our trip up to L.A, but it is waaay hard to get there in like 30 min as it says on google maps, cuz there are 5000000 things to see on the way, Laguna Beach, Newport, u name it, ahhh it was soo coool!!!:D We stoped in Laguna Beach and ate at a restaurant just by the beach, and ahhh I love it:D 
Then we stoped again at another place, dont remeber where, and a very very random thing happened... My dad went into a watch-store, to look at watches, like really expensive ones, and he comes ut with a baguette... hahahha:D There was a guy in there that thought it was way cool that my dad was italian, so he gave him like 2 baguettes, and then he came into the store we were in with like 10 crossaints:D hahahaha it was so weird, but yummy:D
At night we came to L.A we went downtown, and then to the hotel! 
And now we are all almost ready for a day in Los Angeles:D Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Bel Air, and NBA-game:D Oh yeah babe!!!
I guess we are going to Disney Land tomorrow, will be fun!:D And then Santa Monica, and Santa Barbara, and Malibu!!!:D
And on friday we go to San Francisco!!!:D:D:D Golden Gate here I come!:D 
wayyyy excited for all of this!!!:D 
I have tons of pictures, but I will upload them later!:D 

Postat av: Mika

Miss Congeniality!!! <3 Åh jag saknar dig! När du kommer hem skall vi se på den filmen!!!

Puss och kram och hälsa resten av la familia :D

2011-04-13 @ 21:11:57
Postat av: Fröken Besserwisser

hahaha, nä, det är sant... janne, putte, ellen. låter lite mystiskt. dock kallas jag för eje av folk i skolan, så det kanske låter lite bättre ihop med mina nya jägarkompisar! liksom ellen på spanska = ejen, vilket blev eje. Ja, du förstår...

2011-04-17 @ 20:34:10

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