Heeeey guuuys, been a couple of days since I last updated:D 
Still in California!!:D
So I guess I last updated when we just arrived to LA! In LA we saw everything, haha it was waaay cool, with Hollywood blvd, with all the stars, Beverly Hills, Belair, with all the amazing houses, Rodeo Drive!!:D I loved it all! We took like 400 pictures of the Hollywood sign, and it was just waaay cool:D.
After seeing all those things in LA we went to Santa Monica, and the Santa Monica pier! Loved that place, you know those piers they have in movies, like wood piers, with amusementparks and things on them, this one was like that!:D 
After Santa Monica we went to Venice beach, and me and Francesca played some basketball, it was waay fun, but I haven´t played for weeks, so it felt kind of weird! After that we went to walmart!:D And then bed!
The day after we spent the whole day on DisneyLand! It was a lot of fun, haha you never get to old for those things!
The day after that we started our trip on Highway 1, to San Francisco! We stoped like ever mile, in Santa Barbara, and other coastplaces!
That night we stayed in Morro Bay! And we had some shopping done in Pismo Beach!
The day after that was two days ago:D We went up Highway 1, and it is sooooo pretty!!, It is like hard to explain, cuz it is like in movies!!!:D We stoped in Carmel and some other places! And that night, at like 8 pm we arrived to San Francisco! San Francisco is a weird city:D A lot of weird people... haha but waaay cool! We went down to Fisherman wharf, or whatever it is called, and ate some dinner and walked around! Then we went to the hotel, and went to bed, and when we woke up yesterday it was my moooms birthday!!!:D We just had a great day in San Francisco, we went to the Golden Gate bridge, but you barely could see it, cuz it was so foggy!
Today we are gonna see a bit more of San Francisco, and later today we are heading to Reno so we can start our trip to Pioche tomorrow:D So soon I will be back home in Pioche!:D It will be fun showing my family the big city of Pioche!:D:D:D:D:D
Have it great!
I will upload pics later!


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