A day of nothing

Ok guys, so today I haven´t done anything! Or well, duh, i have done something, I went to church this morning, and then I went home, and i was gonna clean my room, but I was way bored so I skyped agnes instead, and talked to her for a couple of hours! Sooo good to talk to her again!:D Miss her a lot! she is one of my favoritparts of going to Östra Real in Stockholm!! 
Right now I am sitting doing nothing, I am supposed to clean my room, but if u know me, u know that cleaning and me are not to words that should be said in the same sentence:D Oh btw, I am doing something, I am listening to music, right now Never say Never by Justin and Jaden! Love that song, I used to kind of hate justin Bieber, haha I disliked him that much that I tored my sisters picture of him in two the day before I left Sweden:D But I really like this song, it is a great song! 
Later today I think I am going up to the gym to play som bball with Jc and probably Thea! looking forward to that, just hope that my room will magically clean it self!!!:( Cleaning just makes me sooo depressed!!:D:D:D 
Tomorrow is school again, and practice of course! Not really looking forward to school, or yeah, cuz then I get to see some of my friends that I haven´t seen for the whole weekend, like Bailey Hoe Screwed, that is really her name!:D haha or at least her new real name! Her name used to be Bailey Jo Free, but we changed Jo to Hoe and when I asked Jc about the opposite to Free she said screwed, and that is how Baileys new name was created!:D
Today is Lovisa´s birthday, her 20th birthday, she is getting oooold!:D haha She can now buy alcohol legally!!!:D no more fake ID:s for her:D:D 
Oh well, I gotta get some stuff done now, but I guess I can show some pictures!!!:D
Me Dantley and Thea at Dantleys jersey retirement!!!:D
Dantleys jersey! #30! The one and only from LCHS!
Thats right!
The prison in PIoche we went to see, I wasn´t allowed to bring my camera in...
Hahaha this is how we cooked the day we didnt have power for 8 hours:D hahahaha love it!:D


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