A small update...

Ok, so I am really not in a mood of swtiching to swedish, so i am just gonna write in english! I know, i am lazy but who cares:D 
So since I havent updated in like hundred years I can begin with telling u all that I started softball, and that dont really like it... Haha with basketball it was different, cuz i actually knew how to play it and all, but softball, I am sooo loost, and well, i kinda start to catch up on the rules and everything but still, it is sooo hard! And it doesnt make it any better that the coach doesnt let me play... Well, I dont really wanna play, but there are some people that suck more than me that get to play when i dont... Oh well, I had the best weekend this weekend playing a softball tournament in Vegas:D Haha not really playing, but at the mall and the hotell with Bai, JC and Thea, and all the rest of the team! It was greatest!!!:D:D:D 
And guesss what?!?!?! I finally got my snowday!!:D:D:D:D haha, I thought I never was gonna get a snowday, but yesterday when i woke up it was snowing and the power was of, so we didnt have to go to school! Sooo nice:D 
Haha and i thought summer was here... one week i can lay outside suntaning and the other week i get a snowday... pleease make a little bit of sense!!!
Today we had a game:D We won, but i didnt get to play any... the things is, just as I said, i dont really wanna play, but when people that suck more than me get to play and i dont i get pissed!!! Oh well, it all passed when i rode with hatty and Brookie home, ahh hattys truck has a lot of memory!:D They dropped me of at home, i showered, and then i went to JC:s house and we did some algbebra we had to get done! Then JC drove me home and now I am almost falling a sleep!!! so i think i might have to say good night now, and i promise it wont take this long time until i next update!:D Just i havent had time at all....
Me Thea and Bai Hoe Screwed at Spencers in the mall:D hahaha
Baileys new name has a very interesting story, ok, so her real name is Bailey Jo Free, and just to tease her i told her i was gonna change Jo to Hoe:D And then i asked JC what the opposite of free was, and she answered screwed, so Baileys new name is Bailey Hoe Screwed! Perfect huh?:D 
Good night love u all!


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