Hi guys, got home from softball practice like an hour and a half or something ago... Today was both bad and good... Yesterday I wasn´t too happy since we had a game and i didnt get to play... and today I was still kinda I don´t know, not to happy I guess, but I was all good:D 
Haha I am gonna do a typical blog post, haha my day from morning to night:D
So I woke up at like 6 or more like 630:D I straighted my hair, and did my make up:D Then by like 7 I went to the busstop and at like 710 we went on the bus to Panaca and school:D I love riding the bus, haha its so american to ride the big yellow schoolbus:D On the bus I had my usual daily talk with Sam:D We like always talked about everything, I am gonna miss that chick soooo much next year!!!! 
When we got to school me and Thea went to the cafeteria and I got a sunny D, thats orangejuice:D haha Love it!:D Then I had english, we read poems and the other class essay:D I read Sheys essay, and the essay was suppossed to be about a stupid invention, and she wrote about the president... haha she was all, I dont think we should have a president, and haha she wrote she was as great as the president and that she could be the president...:D She is a freaaaaak!!!!!! 
After english I had my favorite class of the day, haha Algebra 1!!!:D Love it!!!:D Cuz I have my favorite girls in that class:D JC, Bailey, Hailee, Madi, Car, and Chelsea:D After algebra I now have spanish:D Love it:D We have spanish on the computers, with Rosetta Stone:D hahaahaha Its hilariously easy!!! But its weird, cuz its latino spanish!!! So some words are different, like car, in spanish in swedish spanishclass they taught us coche for car, here they teach it as carro... oh well:D
I dont really have a lot of interesting classes after that, well Algebra 2 fifth:D haha, Love that class, its a little bit to easy tho, I mean, its harder than algebra 1, but still, its way easy:D
After school I had softballpractice, it was ok, I mean, I don´t like not being good at stuff and I get all frustrated.. but well, I am gonna stay strong haha and do it the rest of the year! Cuz I love my teaaam!!!:D:D:D:D:D Hatty took me, thea, Jc, and brookie home, oh how i love them, i dont know what i would do without them, and i can´t imagine leaving them next year...:( 
I had pancakes for dinner, love it!:D And then me and Loni drank tea:D 
Now I guess I have to study a little... 
Haha, btw, I wrote like half of it in english, then i remember that it was on my blog, so i should write in swedish, but i didnt wanna cancel it all, so i think i am just gonna blog in english from now:D And if u dont understand english, comment, and i will go back to swedish:D Ok, love u all! Leave a comment so I know I aint writing for no one!
Thea, JC, and Bailey, at the mall:D

Postat av: Fröken Besserwisser

hshahahahahahahhah smart att skriva att man ska kommentera om man inte förstår engelska på engelska!!!!!!

2011-03-24 @ 19:31:40
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