I am back with some update on my life:D

Ok, I am back again! 
I went up to the gym to play some ball with Thea, Duane and Brynlee, I am so out of basketballshape, haven´t played in like 3 weeks... oh well, it was fun to play a little bit!:D 
Now I am gonna tell u about yesterday!!!:D First I had school, had a stupid Algebra 1 test, that was really hard for being algebra 1, i mean, i did good on it, and i will probably get an A, but I actually had to think about the problems:D When Algebra was over they called all the seniors to breakfast, and us exchangestudents count as seniors when they get to do something fun, so we went to get breakfast too, then we went to pioche, for a think called "now you are 18", it was about how the punishments for a crime change the day u turn 18, the second u turn 18! And it was interesting! Then a criminal from the pioche prison came up and told us his story, it was cool, cuz he was dressed in prisoner clothes, and had chain on hands and feet! He told us that 14 of his 38 years, he has been in prison! Kinda scary!!! He was cool tho, u just wanted to help him, cuz he was a drug addicted, and he told us that when he gets out of prison he hopes he can make it without drugs, and he prays for that everyday, but he doesn´t know if he will be able to be without speed... He kept saying "oh man, I love speed...", sad story!
When he was done talking we all got to go down to the prison! It was scary, haha the seregant that was like the prisonboss was scary too, she was a tough girl, that´s something I am sure about! Well, we went passed one gate, and that one closed, then the next one opened and so on... We got to walk in to the drunk/drug peoples cell, were they are placed when they first come to prison, and the seregant got mad at me, cuz she told us that some of them try to take a bath in the toilette, and i kinda pictured that in front of me, so I started to laugh, and she was all: "It is not funny at all"... hahahaha well, i thought it was! 
Then we got to go and look into the cells where the prisoners were!!!! Soo cool, I mean u could see thier cells, and like what they did in there and things, it was awesome! I would kinda feel like a monkey if I were them tho, cuz we were like all starring at them... and the seregant said they could hear us and things... One good thing was that I got to see hot black guys without their shirts on in their cells!! That was great!!!:)
When it was time for lunch we all got pizza at the sheriffs´place... 
We got back to school just in time for lunch break, so I missed 3 classes that day, so nice:D I missed spanish, which is sooo easy, and showchoir, and Algebra 2, where we had a test, I asked Mr Frehner if he wanted me to come in and take the test, and he was all, "u already passed it", well, sometimes I like being good at math:D A lot of people can´t understand how I can be so good at math, when I am so dumb in like real life:D Like i never understand jokes and things:). After lunch i had a boring historyclass, and then P.E., which was all good:D
Oh did I tell u I got a 4.057?? In my grade averege? And the highest u can get is really a 4.0?:D Well, I got a B+ in english, but with my 110% out of 100% in both algebra 1 and 2, it took my grade averege up higher, I am so proud of myself:D That was one of the things I wrote on my new years promise list!
After school we had practice, it was freezing, but it was ok, didn´t kill me:D
After practice we had the dinner to retire Dantleys basketball jersey, #30! That was awesome, people had speeches for him, and I can tell u, I am sooooo thankful I am here this year, cuz seeing him play has been one of the best things in my life, he is the best basketball player ever, and he is gonna go far! And i have his autograph and a couple of pictures with him:D haha 
After the dinner I went to Theas house and watched a movie with the and Tyler, we watched public enemies, but i fell asleep after like 10 min! I stayed the night at her house, and today, when we woke up we watched tv, then we drove up to the store and got groceries so we could make breakfast burritos, so we made those, and they were awesome! Then me Thea and Brynlee watched "letters to Juliette", a greeaaat movie, loved it!!!! loved how it ended!:D 
After that I went home and showered, and then i talked to Sandra and Mooommy:D haha 13 days and I will see them!!!! Woohoooo:D so excited!!!:D 
At like 4 or something my family came home from groceryshopping:D So we unpacked the grocerys and then I went to the gym to play bball, and then up to tillies and got ice tea!:D Now I am watching Eagle eye, a great but kinda complicated movie...
Tomorrow is Connors memorial in Caliente, so I think I am heading down there for that! Even tho I didnt know him good, i want to honor his family! Before that I think me and Thea are gonna go for a walk or something:D And after that we are going for dinner at grandmas, and then to a dance show in panaca!:D Awesome!
hope u all have a great weekend! And dont forget to leave me a comment, so I know that i dont write for no one!!! Love u all<3
Me and Bai Hoe Screwed at Forever 21:D
My favoritest 6 years old girl in the world!!!<3<3<3 Loni<3<3<3


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