today is a day

Hello guys, thought i was gonna update u fast before the bed is calling on me! 
Today was a good and bad day... I woke up at like 9, took a shower and put nice clothes on, since we were going to Connors memorial at noon. I didn´t really know what to expect from the memorial... We picked up Thea and went there, me Thea, Gerri and Jordan. Connors dad, Robert, spoke first, and i started to cry like never before! His dad told us all this stories about him, like when he brought a alive bat to school! I remeber that day sooo well, he found a bat on his way to school, and brought it to school, and set it free in Mrs Lloyds room, and everyone freaked out, his dad told us that the school called him that day to complain about connor, just like they had done 1000 before that too, and his dad said he was speechless that day, cuz seriously, what kid gets the idea of bringing a living bat to school:D??!! haha connor was a one of a kind! And why I remeber this day so well, is cuz connor had to set the bat free outside, and when we got to practice the bat was hanging right outside the gym:D
A lot of people spoke, the speeches that really made me cry were his dads and Shainas, his sister... She told us all how he wasn´t only her brother, he was her best friend and hero, and it was sad, cuz some people may say that just cuz u lost ur brother, but in this case it was true, they did everything together, they shared friends... they were always together... After all the speeches we all got to write him one last message on one balloon each, that we let go up in to heaven! Oh man, that kid made me laugh so bad! Its horrible that he is gone after only 15 years! 
After the memorial I went home, and i was gonna clean my room, but i wasn´t in a mode for it, so i will do it tomorrow instead, hopefully! At like 4 we ate hamburgers, and after that Thea came over for a while, we didn´t do to much and at like 6 she went to eat dinner! At like 7 Kathy JC and Thea picked me up and we went to the gym to shoot some hoops, haha both me and jc were way out of basketballshape, but it is slowly coming back, and tomorrow we are back up there!:D
After the gym we went to tillies to get a drink, and then to Tristas house for chocolatecake, it was an awesome cake! When we were done there we went to Jc:s house and watched the movie Switch, it was a really cute movie with Jennifer Aniston! Really liked it! Jc drove me home at like 1130, and now I am home writing to u guys!
But I am serious, if people don´t start comenting more, I wont write! Cuz i refuse to write for no one!:D:D:D Even tho i know i have miss besserwisser reading it pretty much every day:D 
Tomorrow is church, and probably some studying... kill me:D hate it!!!!:D oh well, i will deal with it! And at night we will be back up in the gym playing some bball! oh how i love that sport!!!
My balloon letter to Connor!
People walking over to Connors seecond home, the skate parc, to release the balloons!
Balloon released!
They are almost al the way up to him!
Me and my bestest friend here Thea! I <3 u! we were both crying...:(
Three of Connors best friends, Carli, Shania and Codi!

Postat av: Mia

Okej bella nu kommenterar jaaag! :D Vi saknar dig här hemmmaaaaaaaaaa!<3

2011-03-27 @ 16:13:58
Postat av: Fröken Besserwisser

sant, sant! även när du inte uppdaterade på två veckor läste jag varenda dag! Blev lite enformig eftersom det bara var samma inlägg hela tiden ... men ändå... hursomhelst, har tänkt på en sak, ni kollar på film varenda dag! Bara en liten iakttagelse från min sida, adjö!

2011-03-27 @ 16:44:50
Postat av: Mamma

Jag kommenterar kanske inte alltid men läser det gör jag och kommentarerna kommer också i meddelandena som jag skriver till dig på Facebook.:)

2011-03-27 @ 20:46:13

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