Thanksgiving tbt

Oh my, its a blog kinda day again! Usually these days shows up when I am staying up late and people start posting things on facebook that makes me miss america even more... Today its probably cuz its Thanksgiving over there! I cant understand it, two years have gone by since me Jordan Summer and Curt went out on a car ride to Eaglevalley and watched Deers... Two years have gone by since I had basketball tryouts over there... I can remember every second! If I had the same memory in school as I have remembering things from America I would ace every test, forsure! 
Today I miss my family, I always miss them, but now that its thanksgiving I start thinking what I am the most thankful for, and for a pretty clear reason, they show up in my mind! They opened their home for me, they didn´t get anything, they didn´t know anything about me, except one letter.. and that I lived in Sweden... They went down to Vegas to pick up a stranger, a stranger that they agreed on having in their home for 10 months... And I am so thankful they made that decision!! My year in America was the best, I mean, nothing can top that! And they are the mainreason, they treated me as a familymember from the first second I met them! They made sure I had the best experiences I had ever had! They took me places, taught me stuff, loved me, helped me, they did everything for me! I love you with my whole heart! And if there is something I always wish for when I have a chance to make a wish, it is always that I will get to see you again soon! Sooner or later that wish will come true, cuz there is only a airplaneride between us!;) 
Also a day like this I am thankful for my mom and dad, no one can have such wonderful parents as I do! They would do anything for me! They are the reason I could go to the states, so even tho this is my exchangestudent blog, I thought they were worth mentioning! 
Jeezee, there is so much I am thankful for, and I could be writing the whole night! But to make it short, the part om my life here in Sweden I am the most thankful for are my friends and family! Being a part of my friends ofcourse, I am thankful for both of my basketballteam(theoldoneandtheyoungone), the support they give me is unpayable!
I am thankful for facebook, and social medias! They make me able to keep in touch with everyone I love far away!  My two close friends from Sweden living in the states, my life in the states! 
I remember thanksgiving night, I had never tried pumpkin pie before, and thats what hooked me on that table! So In Love With It! And then pumpkin was my new "thing" I even got a pumpkin milkshake once;). 
Its time for beed now, I have a test tomorrow and it wouldn´t be tooo nice failing it..! So sweet dreams and thank you for life! 


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